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Just like the custom clothing we make, we tried on the idea of creating a company that was powered by advanced technology, yet had the bespoke quality that only comes from superb craftsmanship and service. And while we had to make some adjustments as we measured, fit and styled the business to meet our wants and needs, we’re thrilled with the special experience and value we offer our customers.

3D Body Scanning

Your journey to knowing how good it feels to be outfitted in custom-made clothing starts with a one-on-one appointment in our Bonaire showroom. During this appointment with a style consultant, you’ll be assessed by our 3D Body Optic Scanning System in our special Bonaire body-scanning booth, where precise measurements will be made of your body.

why it matters

  • The booth where you’ll be scanned is completely private.

  • Without touching you, our advanced scanner takes thousands of accurate measurements.

  • It takes less than 10 seconds to create your unique avatar.


Mike Kindle

Visionary & President

As a five-year-old growing up in Middleton, New York, Mike would tag along with a sewing machine repairman named Frankie. Together they would go to warehouses in the garment district where Frankie would teach Mike how to fix the machines. Mike’s small hands would quickly thread needles and bobbins, and he became fascinated with the mechanism of sewing…

Fast forward to Mike, now with an MBA from the University of Connecticut School of Business and a professional engineer and manager at General Dynamics Electric Boat. After using a 3D CAD system with his latest design, he was exploring a commercial 3D scanner that was being used in medical, fitness and fashion applications, considering it as a technological solution to more simply operate and maintain the boats. As he was preparing to present designs to a large client, his boss “lit into him” for wearing jeans, regardless of how nice his outfit looked. It struck a chord with the rebel in him, and he vowed he was going to make jeans “fit for the barroom and the board room.”

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